Born and raised just six miles out from the end of the runway at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, Jason Mlady, the owner and primary contributor of Six Miles Out, was certifiably entranced by aviation from the get-go.  With over a decade of industry experience and knowledge, including flight training, international travels, simulated airport design, industry employment, collegiate studies, and advanced research, Jason hopes to position Six Miles Out as an “accidentally educational” resource for a wide audience.


Jason holds a Master of Science Degree in Aviation and Aerospace Management from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, from where he also attained a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management.  As his Master of Science capstone project, he performed in-depth research to the current metrics and practices in place for measuring, evaluating, and improving various aspects of customer service within the realm of airlines within the United States.  His research in this field earned a top-two designation at a multi-university Aviation Research Symposium, and is currently being continuously utilized to provide insight to airlines, travel companies, and his personal research methodologies.   Additional projects and coursework during his graduate work include the building of a simulated airline terminal ramp to measure inefficiencies caused by the interaction of moving aircraft and support vehicles, financial analyses of major airlines and general aviation charter operations, and positioning of small community airfields as environments for local education and research.