Buy Long to Fly Long: Etihad’s Big Move

Executives in Rome announced a major plan today to allow one of the fastest-growing and financially sound airlines in the industry to take on a massive share of leadership and operations in one nation’s struggling flag carrier.  Etihad will take on a 49% share of the Italian carrier Alitalia moving forward, allowing both airlines to ultimately reap […]

Foreigners Unwelcome

International travelers know well the incredible service and passenger experience afforded by electing to travel by air.  Train travel, even, throughout Europe and Asia sees tangible perks for even those passengers sitting in the economy classes.  Airlines serve meals rivaling many restaurant favorites, attendants and stewards greet passengers with friendly and sincere smiles, and other […]

What’s Next for Cleveland?

Sports fans know well the story of Cleveland:  New players come to their first real professional team, develop their skills, and then promptly become injured or simply step back from their infatuation with their team and move along.  Much the same could easily be said for the recent announcement from United Airlines that detailed plans […]