What to Know: “Delay Codes”

It’s common knowledge what a “delay” is, especially when thinking about the airlines, but did you know that every delay is different?  Delays are formatted in a manner prescribed by ICAO (“International Civil Aviation Organization“) that represents the exact reason for the aircraft delay in just two digits.  There are ten major categories, and each […]

What to Know: “Ground Stop”

As all good things must come to an end, your trip to sunny Honolulu finally has you sitting back at the airport in Hawaii ready for your forever-long trip into Chicago and, thus, back into the reality of a working life.  The bright sun coming through the skylights at the airport would hardly give cause […]

What to Know: “NextGen”

The United States’ Air Traffic Control Systems have seen a number of fundamental changes since the initial system of an individual wielding flags at the end of a runway in 1929.  The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, upon investigating future needs of the ATC system of the US in 1947, determined that new technology at […]